Moro Italy believes in authentic traditions and has a natural inclination for unique distinctive fashion. They collaborate with finest Italian artisans.
Our collections are stylish, unique and because of their high quality are going to last in time.
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Everything in our collections is made from genuine Italian leather and handcrafted in the Italian Shoe Valley where our partners use the same techniques and materials their fathers and grandfathers utilized.

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We realize that women deserve to feel special and unique. Moro Italy brings this experience for you.
The styles we stock are truly inspired by the artistic minds of the Designers and are made specifically to bring the world something incredible and beautiful, yet different.
 We understand that women are versatile creatures and enjoy many different types of styles. We also understand that women seek to purchase designs that are also for everyday wear, but still handcrafted and made from the finest materials available. With Moro Italy Boutique you will have first class access to first class Italian designers and styles to fit every and any occasion.
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We will continue to search out high quality rare, high end finds, connecting with Italian boutiques, artisans and designers to enrich our inventory and inspire our brand.

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